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Gas Sampling Bags

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The US EPA has set standards and regulations for air quality control testing and have published procedures for use of gas sampling bags.

Air/gas sample bags are a cost effective and reliable way to collect non-corrosive gas samples for analysis. Samples from indoor air, ambient air, source, or process locations can be sampled. Black Tedlar is used to block UV rays from the collected samples.

Tedlar bags are inert to a wide range of chemicals, have a very low sample loss in storage, retain tensile strength, and can endure temperatures from minus 98 oF to 225 oF.

Bags should not be inflated to more than 80% capacity and not be transported by air unless the cabin is pressurized. Condensation can also cause difficulties in analysis.

Use with EPA testing methods 3, 5, 18, 25, 25A.

Directions for Polypropylene 2-in-1 valve.

To Open:
To Close:
Hold port section firmly in place while turning ribbed section of valve counter-clockwise.
Hold port section firmly and turn clockwise

Note: Brown top unscrews to in order to replace SEPTA if required.
To prevent leakage from the bag the port section of the valve MUST NOT be turned.